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Microphone Sound Editing

Need Music?
 How Can I Help You?

  • Do you or your clients need music quickly? 

  • Do you need musicians and a director for an event?

  • Do you need adjustments made to music you already like or have? 

  • Do you need a memorable, catchy piece now? 

  • Do you need background or mood music? 

  • Do you need a voice over? 


No Worries!! One-stop licensing, publishing and synch.

Sound Mixing

Andrea           Santos


Music: let us direct, perform
or composed for any event or 
media project.

I am a huge asset to you if you need anything regarding music for your project or for a client. No task is too large or too small and it can be solved quickly and easily.
I am professional and easy to work with. I have over 20 years of successful experience in music, a full studio. It would be my pleasure to speak with you regarding your music needs.

Please call or text me so we can  address your creative or audio needs now!
Andrea Santos (775)762-8779
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